5 Minute Storytelling Reconnects Staff, Residents, & Family

How to make the most of the 5 minutes you have with the person in front of you, be it parent, patient, or other personnel.

Every story matters

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Why does it matter?

When a loved one goes into a senior care facility, the number of people who support them, grows. In addition to their family members, they now have the center staff and residents in their circle. It’s important to realize that each of these individuals has something to contribute.

Five-minute storytelling is a way to kick start those conversations, restart stale relationships, and keep everyone connected.

It sparks ideas and enables caregivers to share their insights.

What can happen in 5 minutes?


Having a short one on one meaningful conversation with someone will have a huge impact on their day.

& Sweet

When you only have a 5 minute interaction with someone, having the tool to make it count is priceless.


Create a memorable moment each day with your patients, clients, & family by helping them tell their story.

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The tools you need to help someone tell part of their story in 5 minutes, every day.

  • 6 - downloadable storytelling scripts
  • Memory log download
  • How to use the scripts
  • Support inside the members area
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