52 Weeks of Storytelling Activities Made Easy

 A weekly video series to help you bring storytelling into any care situation. Includes info on how to implement the activity in your care plan.

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Why this video series?


Gaining the confidence to write your story is priceless. Actually getting started is invaluable.

& Sweet

Take a few minutes each week to start writing a page in your story. Videos are under 5 minutes.


Create a memorable moment each day with your patients, clients, & family by helping them tell their story or sharing yours.

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Here's What You'll Get

The tools you need to facilitate a storytelling activity every week for 52 Weeks.

  • How to integrate the video and prompt into your care plan
  • Activity and Staff specific information
  • Weekly Reminder to Write for 52 weeks
  • Writing Prompt Recommendation
  • Direct Link to Writing Prompt Activity Video
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