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Why is it important?

Why should we bother with talking about and recording people's stories?


Working with someone to tell their life story means creating or deepening your relationship with them.

Their History & Dignity

Asking about their life today is honoring their memories, history and recognizing their dignity.


Through this process you will be creating amazing memories, for you and the person you are working with. You learn new things about yourself and the person you work with.

Check out this video to hear how you can encourage someone you love to share their story

What are you getting?

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what you will ultimately get out of hanging out in the Legacy Recorder Community

Simple, fun, and easy way to work with someone to tell their life story.

Each step is broken down into easy to follow lessons that will have you writing in no time.

Help someone you love to tell their story.


  • Why it's important & how to convince mom or grandma that her story matters to you
  • How to get started on the writing journey and keep your loved one engaged
  • Actionable steps to help someone you love tell their story
  • Downloadable Guide to get started in addition to the videos
  • Direct Links to Legacy Resources
  • Access to The Legacy Lady (me) right inside the course
  • Did I mention the fill in the blank narratives?

I personally answer every message and any comments/questions asked within the course come straight to my email inbox.


Here's What You'll Learn

By the time you make it through the end of this course you will have helped someone else tell the first page of the story and many more.

Throughout the course you will be given step by step instructions on how to help someone else tell their life story. I have literally thought of everything.

From the basic writing guides to fill in the blank narratives, you will find the storytelling process to be fun, easy, and something you will want to do again an again.

You will learn about interviewing skills, asking intentional questions, and creating rapport with your interviewee. There will be opportunities to bring in other family members and have them work with you to create something amazing.

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Help Someone You Love Tell Their Life Story

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About Me

So why the heck can I help you work with someone to tell their story? Well, I've been writing people's stories for over 10 years. I quite literally wrote the book on it! 

My name is Gael and I'm the Legacy Lady. I'm the person cheering you on from the sidelines and supporting you every step of the way.

I've worked with a variety of ages and personalities and have been where you are right now. We got this!

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