Legacy Hunt - A storytelling scavenger hunt to get your kids engaged with your family

Designed with your Kiddo in mind complete with a Parent Guide

I am so excited that you want your kid(s) to get to know their family better and to start having fun, meaningful conversations at those family dinners.

With a no brainer price tag of $22, it could be the cheapest, yet most profound gift you give this year.

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Give your kiddo something to do

Keep boredom at bay with an interactive activity that gets them talking with grandma.

Include everyone at the table

This activity encourages everyone to get involved and talking together.

Start having better conversations

Give your kids (and family) the chance to have better and more memorable conversations.

What is a Legacy Hunt?

The video will give you a little more info on how it works and what to expect.


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"We did a "Legacy Hunt" activity. The younger kiddos walked around and asked their extended family questions that were created as a scavenger hunt by The Legacy Recorder. If you have an extended family event coming up, I highly recommend it!"

Jen Belt

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