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You're so close! Say yes to storytelling with intention, care, community and FUN!

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Why join?

Because it's awesome! That's why! But seriously though...

Join the community so that you are not alone in your storytelling enthusiasm and desire to reconnect with the people around you. Each month offers live calls to dig into all things Legacy and storytelling and get your questions answered.

I can't wait to have you there!


I'm ready! Let me in! Start my 14 day trial for just $5 :P

In this community you will...

  • Find people who are looking to hone their storytelling and are ready to work in community to get it done.
  • Meet supportive people (me!) who are passionate about storytelling and working with others.
  • Experience a few live calls a month to troubleshoot problems and dig into topics to support you in your storytelling journey.
  • Access a private community on Mighty Networks with exclusive content and events

Inside your membership...


Membership Site

Inside the online membership site you'll find the resources you need to get rolling with your storytelling and connection making.

Worksheets & Tools

I love outlining & brainstorming which is why you will find worksheets galore & more to help guide you on your way.

Live Online Events

Sometimes what we really need is a live video opportunity. So I include live trainings, AMA sessions, and deep dives.

Mighty Networks

Spiffy private community hosted in the Mighty Networks plaftorm to provide connection with Legacy users from around the globe.

Who is Gael? 

If you don't know me yet, it's all good. I'm working on getting more notoriety, but it's a slow process. 🤣

I'm your navigator and facilitator through this storytelling journey you have found yourself on. Whether you are

  • telling your own story,
  • helping someone you love tell theirs,
  • or are looking to tell better stories,

I can help. Telling better stories is a fabulous life skill that everyone should learn in my opinion.

That sounds like a lot of promises, but with the storytelling method I teach and the support I offer in this community, anything is possible.

Yes, I'm serious. I wouldn't invite you in if I didn't think I could do it.

Thinking about it but not quite sure?

I totally get it! You can do a test run for 14 days for just $5. No commitment and no hard feelings if you decide to not stick around.

That's so cool! Can't wait to test the waters!