Reconnect and create storytelling moments

You're so close! Say yes to storytelling with intention, care, and FUN!

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Why this storytelling kit?

Because it's awesome! That's why! But seriously though...

This activity kit will help you bring storytelling into your life and work so that you can create storytelling moments with the people you love and care for naturally and gracefully. Starting conversations doesn't have to be hard or scary. This guide brings everything back to the basics and encourages you to keep things simple.

I can't wait for you to see what's inside!


I'm ready! I need it! Let me have it!

In this guide you will find...

  • Printable versions of the 5 Minute Storytelling scripts
  • Video tutorials breaking down exactly what to do
  • Vision pages to dream up your own topics
  • Planning sheets to stay organized
  • Memory log & draft page
  • Email support



🔥 All the things you need to succeed at this storytelling thing 🔥

Inside your activity kit...


Membership Site

Inside the online membership site you'll find the resources (videos, PDFs & more) you need to get rolling with your storytelling.

Worksheets & Tools

I love outlining & brainstorming which is why you will find worksheets galore & more to help guide you on your way.

Step by step 

Step by step instructions means you won't get left behind. I give clear and concise instructions to keep things moving.

Email support

With this kit you also get email support from me! Seriously! I would never leave you hanging 😜 Are you ready?

I'm ready! Let's do it!

Who is Gael? 

If you don't know me yet, it's all good. I'm working on getting more notoriety, but it's a slow process. 🤣

I'm your navigator and facilitator through this storytelling journey you have found yourself on. In my tenure in this role I have...

  • Trained over 90 students and staff to work in care facilities with residents to help them tell their life stories
  • Guided over 100 people through Legacy Projects
  • Published over 70 individual life storybooks
  • Worked with countless families and individuals using the Legacy Recorder method and 5 minute storytelling to tell their stories

I'm insanely proud of the 5 Minute Storytelling system & am over the moon to be able to bring it to you in a complete kit. I sincerely hope you decide to say yes to creating memorable storytelling moments in your work and life 😍

People all over the world are using it right now 🔥 Are you ready to be one of them? 

I can't wait to create storytelling moments!